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6 Reasons Why Web Design Is Not Dying In 2017

We can define web design as an art of using different skills and disciplines to produce high quality websites and maintain them.

Every day, new designs and technologies continue to be discovered and the work of designers is always and will always continue to be relevant. It even becomes more interesting when we see controversies such as Sergio Nouvel who published an article about “Web Design as a dead profession” in the UX Magazine in the year 2015, still acknowledging in the same article that the demand of UX Designers will continue being on the rise.

In this article, we are going to discuss 6 Reasons Why Web Design Is Not Dying at any time soon.

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1.) Online Branding that is Differentiated

LaunchLocal Web Design Cardiff acknowledged that one of the web designer’s roles is tend to facilitate how quality content is delivered and how messages are branded in a special way to visitors in a website. Nicole Boyer who is a graphic and professional web designer is seen to support this point by arguing that a web designer should be able to design pages that can forward the brand of the company. Web designers should therefore diversify the skills they posses by learning marketing, branding and content since the wall that co-existed between marketing and technology broke down and the two intergrated.

2.) Web Functions Specialized Skills

As the technology is evolving, wed developers should try and evolve with it. They can do this by learning new skills such as android programming and customizing new applications thereby diversifying their knowledge. The internet is known to control thing as 90% of the things we do, are totally linked to it.

3.) An Art in Web Design

The feeling and user experience that a visitor first gets when accessing a website is referred to as look and feel. Nicole Boyer recognizes that the expectations of a visitor in web tend to grow more regarding to the look and feel of the website. For those willing to take the opportunity and continue learning, web design still remains a practicable career because the importance of web design will still be dependent on components such as background, colors pictures etc.

4.) Web Maintenance and Security


Many companies these days are known to collect information and sensitive details of their clients and customers so that they can continue communicating with them or following them up. Mostly, this information is collected by the websites as the clients are required to fill in some forms. Vulnerable and outdated websites can be taken advantage off by the hackers as they can access and maybe leak clients sensitive information or even infect the computers with a virus. An experienced web designer job now comes in handy as they should be able to protect all these even for the companies that practice ecommerce. A company’s reputation will therefore be safeguarded.

5.) Expertise in Marketing and Online Branding

As a marketer, a digital marketing strategy is known to facilitate efficient budgeting process and even the major marketing activities that are necessary. Although the marketing planners who are found on the online platform help in online marketing activities, scheduling and distributing of appropriate content, an experienced web designer can come in and help you in marketing activities online.

6.) Standard Website compared to Quality Websites.

Majority of websites in the internet these days are automated. Many frameworks such as Joomla, Word press have up come and helped almost anybody without necessary skills to design websites. The frameworks though having many different themes are known to create standard websites. Haris Bacic recognizes that there is no way automation will ever replace quality in websites. Web designers will still be needed to create quality websites.

In conclusion, web designers who are flexible and have vast experiences with diverse knowledge will still continue to be highly valued.

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